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Warning! Be aware of flying time!

Posted in challenge, Goals with tags , on 2011/01/14 by curiouslywandering

Can you believe it is already into the double digits of the year already? It seems like life just gets busier. As a person whose life isn’t always so go-g0-g0, it takes some getting used to for a bit. I used to be super busy, but the pace of life has waned in the past few years. Ever since a few weeks before Christmas though, it feels like I can hardly catch a break. Outside of the normal 50 hour work week, things just kept picking up pace. Then you have the rush and hustle (and long, long drives) of the holiday. Then I got to rush back to work and take a quick road trip last weekend. Maybe February will slow down if I can get through shooting pictures at a friend’s wedding this weekend and a family wedding next weekend. I forget how to live like this constantly. Even my to do lists have to do lists right now. Anyone else feeling the push right now (or all the time)? What eases the pressure for you?

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. – Douglas Adams