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The Monster Within

Posted in challenge, Goals, Growth with tags , , , , on 2011/01/21 by curiouslywandering

It reminds me of  a scary movie (Alien for one). The seed of evil was placed within you. It grows into a monster that destroys you from the inside out, devouring everything in its path. It pushes and prods trying to escape into the world to wreak its horrid brand of destruction. It is nourished and fed by us. First in small nibbles and with increasingly large portions of ourselves and our joy as we become complaisant towards the destruction of our hearts, souls, and minds. It begins to show itself  through our skin. It spreads fear and despair to others we touch. We reek of its stench. Once it completely destroys us and imprisons us in our self-made misery, it moves on to take seed inside others and destroy their lives.

What is this “it” I speak of? Bitterness. The story may sound dramatic and over the top, but it is quite true.  See bitterness starts as a small little seed inside of us. We may be angry, hopeless, frustrated or disappointed. It is like the pebble in an oyster.  We massage it and nourish it in increasing doses and larger increments of negativity. Eventually we have polished that silly little pebble into a shiny pearl of ickiness. Instead of spitting out the pebble and focusing on  the positive and good, we allow ourselves to be irritated and frustrated. With so much drama and pain in the world, we often have to let go and let God deal with it. We cannot control ourselves any better than we can control anyone else.  Releasing the pain, anger and expectation allows us to see the bright light and experience joy. Next time, spit out the pebble. You don’t need any nasty pearls growing in you. Don’t live in the  mud. Be the lotus that blooms from the mud into an amazing blossom. You are more beautiful than that.