Riding the Wind

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The world certainly does not stop to wait for us to be ready or cease moving when everything is flying by us. It doesn’t care if we have extra challenges on our plates or are implementing big, overall changes in our lives. This is annoying. On the other hand, it isn’t the worst thing ever. It is a tough challenge, but a challenge we can face and overcome none the less. We just have to take things step by step, moment by moment and day by day. Pretty soon all of those steps add up to good stuff happening. In the meantime, we just have to adjust our pace. Grab hold of that wind, hold on like you are hanging over a bottomless gorge, and let then energy around you feed your spirit. So today, I am learning to ride the wind and feed off its momentum. Wahooo (and hang on tight for the bumpy ride ahead)!


Happy Lips

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One of my other favorite lips products has to be Yankee Lip Balm. I have Buttercream, Christmas Cookie, Vanilla Cupcake, and Pomegranate. It makes me want to bake each time I use it. On the moisturizing end, I have to reapply periodically. The taste is worth it (and the packaging is adorable).

**Disclaimer – I am not being paid to endorse any products, just sharing what I love.**

I love Chicken Poop!

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I received a tube of Chicken Poop Lip Junk at Christmas. It is the best stuff! My lips are happy campers. It may have replaced the Yankee lip balms as a favorite. The jury is still out right now on who wins…maybe they both do. Either way….put some poop on your smackers folks.

**Disclaimer – I am not being paid to endorse any products, just sharing what I love.**

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TV inspired dreams….

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are just plain weird sometimes (most of the time). I can handle Paula Deen showing up in my grandmother’s living room, and her and her sons showing up in other dreams. The weirdest yet is…..(drum roll) Jersey Shore. Somehow I found myself watching it/using it as background noise during a severe lack of decent tv saturday night/early morning. I can handle watching it for one day in a fit of madness. What is odd is dreaming of guidos, guidettes and mobsters after watching Jersey Shore. Simply odd….

A New Day

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Welcome 1-1-11. It is “resolution time” for those who haven’t made any yet. So many people set such huge, daunting goals at this time of the year, because we have a fresh new year to do things better. The thing is….in reality, it is just a new calendar year. We are the same people who went to bed yesterday. We have the same dreams and foibles that we had yesterday. The miracle of a new year is it does give us a new slate, in a sense. However, it doesn’t wipe away our past, put us on a brand new path, or give us a shiny new life today. On rare occasions, a radical and completely new direction from a dramatic change happens. It is the exception not the rule. A fresh start isn’t always the answer. Fresh starts don’t allow us to room to grow, they just add-on in a different direction. What is behind us is still there, we just don’t see it as clearly or closely when we start over. They are wonderful things sometimes, but they also hold challenges of their own. The reality of truly leaving something, someplace, someone behind is far more overwhelming than the fairy tale suggests. After all, it isn’t ever all bad or all good. More often than not, what we need is a new day and a fresh perspective. That is the gift of today and every day. Every day we wake up we get a chance to do things better and make better choices. We get to look at life with a new perspective and give it a new approach. That is the real miracle. It isn’t that our circumstances change but that we change and grow. So here’s to a new day and a new year. May we make the most of them and ourselves that is possible.


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has been interesting this week. This about sums my thoughts up…

“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how to respond to them.”  – Epictetus

The Crazy Pot

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Our minds are like gIant black “witches’ brew” pots. Things can look all pretty, shiny, and smooth on the service. When you stir things up however, you get to see everything that lurks underneath. Someone stirred my pot again this week. It has been awhile, and I was surprised by all kinds of crazy popped up. Specifically for the purpose of this post…the crazy that showed in my dreams. I am not one of those people who dream often or remember them well or for long. I have experienced part of this dream previously. It has provided one gigantic clue about what I am not seeing and dealing with within me. I guess in the end having my pot stirred has revealed some things I need to deal with…truly emotionally disturbing, train wreck side swapping thing. I have to be grateful for the revelation despite the fact that it was freaky and bad choice of days. In the end though, the “pot stirrers” are a blessing. Without them,we wouldn’t know what kind of crazy lurked within our own surface and was holding us back.