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It’s Hard…Until It’s Not

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It  is an age-old lesson that is quite easy to forget when facing a large obstacle. Sure, you can tell yourself to take things one step, one moment at a time. However, even that doesn’t always prevent you  from feeling like a tiny bird facing a giant, looming forest.  Of course, there are many different versions all over the world that something isn’t worth it if it is easy. Unless you have developed and consistently practiced using the willpower and determination necessary to overcome challenges, this isn’t going to help much. Only sheer commitment and effort can help you get started on a new path. So what do you do when it feels like you can’t take one more step down that path? You can give up. Often there may not even be any valid judgement in walking away from that path. Sometimes though, you really should just force yourself to take one more step and then one more step. Why? Simply because you know it is worth it and you need to finish walking the path.You will find that at one point it becomes easier to move forward. You might even begin to crave the momentum and challenge.  I had one of those “Aha!” moments the other day. While working out, I realized that I felt better than on previous sessions and that I wanted to keep going longer. I was able to push myself harder and further. I didn’t even mind working harder. It is definitely a nice feeling. I have worked hard in my life. I have been lazy at times too. The benefits are much more rewarding for working hard, but you have to know it is worth it. I can’t work out and eat better for purely vain reasons. It doesn’t work for me. I have a deeper love affair with food than I do with being “skinny” or “hot.” What  I do want is to be able to make it up several flights of stairs without being out of breath. I want to be in the kind of shape that allows me to go out dancing or hiking without wanting to pass out after a short amount of time. I want to be able to fully live. No matter what the challenge is that faces me, I have the control. I have to know that what I want is worth it. I have to make it important. If it isn’t important, then I have to reconsider the goal I am pursuing and possibly change course. For today though, I am enjoying reaching a new point for myself.


Surviving the Wind

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Some days you capture the wind and fly through the skies, whether by the seat of your pants or by a finger. Some days it is a struggle to not get bowled over. The thing about surviving the wind is it requires flexibility. Like a reed of grass, you have to bend with the wind in order to not get uprooted. Standing boldly up to the wind my look impressive initially, but it only opens you up to more adversity than you were intended to face. Being flexible allows you to survive to ride again another day. So let’s be a reed and  bend with the wind.


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has been interesting this week. This about sums my thoughts up…

“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how to respond to them.”  – Epictetus

The Crazy Pot

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Our minds are like gIant black “witches’ brew” pots. Things can look all pretty, shiny, and smooth on the service. When you stir things up however, you get to see everything that lurks underneath. Someone stirred my pot again this week. It has been awhile, and I was surprised by all kinds of crazy popped up. Specifically for the purpose of this post…the crazy that showed in my dreams. I am not one of those people who dream often or remember them well or for long. I have experienced part of this dream previously. It has provided one gigantic clue about what I am not seeing and dealing with within me. I guess in the end having my pot stirred has revealed some things I need to deal with…truly emotionally disturbing, train wreck side swapping thing. I have to be grateful for the revelation despite the fact that it was freaky and bad choice of days. In the end though, the “pot stirrers” are a blessing. Without them,we wouldn’t know what kind of crazy lurked within our own surface and was holding us back.

15 Authors in 15 Minutes

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I saw this on a Facebook note and found it interesting.

The Invitation Guidelines: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen authors (poets included) who have influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag at least 15 of your friends, including me, because I’m interested in seeing which authors you choose. To do this, go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste the rules in a new note, cast your 15 picks and tag people in the note.

1. John Grisham
2. Nicholas Sparks
3. Walt Whitman
4. Henry David Thoreau
5. Ralph Waldo Emerson
6. Tom Clancy
7. Emily Dickinson
8. Robert Louis Stevenson
9. Rosanne Mason
10. Marisol
11. Rumi
12. Eckhart Tolle
13. Tracy Chevalier
14. Phillipa Gregory
15. Stephen King


Your turn now…

Ambiguity and Conviction

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Words. They aren’t just letters strung together. They have meaning and influence. They can bolster and encourage. They can be used to break a spirit. When I initially  consider the nature of words, I think of a solid rock. But that isn’t an accurate picture, is it? Words are malleable and influenced by culture and translation. They change as individuals use them in unique and new ways.

Consider the word believe. To the person who has a strong conviction, believe can be a tangerine orange. Someone else with new belief can see it red-orange. Another person with wavering or tainted intentions may color the word with a toned down yellow-orange. All are variations on a base color. All bring their own tint and intensity to believe. Who knows, maybe another person sees it as purple, a whole other color altogether.

Each person has a paintbrush and their own set of paints. They could be painting with water colors or oils, deep rich jewel tones or shades of gray. They each color the meaning, implications, and feelings associated with the word. Experience and expectation weigh heavily on the intake of a word’s meaning. They are influenced by and are equal influencers of culture. Words cross cultures, countries, time, and languages and are changed and influenced by how they are picked up by others. Some words fall out of use and are lost in time. It is amazing how words can be both ambiguous and flexible yet hold conviction, depending individual perception and how they are connected to other words. Language truly is fascinating.

Questions With Three Words

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Life is large. It can be overwhelming and exhilarating, daunting and challenging, or just plain scary. Each person has their own path to follow.  Each person has questions to answer if they choose to follow their true path.

Do I dare?  Am I committed? Do I trust? Do I believe? Will I sacrifice? What to sacrifice? How to accomplish? Ready to jump? Take a chance. Jump anyway.

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson