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If you could…

Posted in Questions on 2010/11/15 by curiouslywandering

If someone offered you $1 million, would you walk away from your life and start all over in a new place? Could you walk away ever? What amount would allow you to walk away?


Three Wishes

Posted in Questions on 2010/11/11 by curiouslywandering

If a genie were to grant you three wishes (not including money/riches), what three wishes would you choose?

For me…tasting and creating great food, taking great photographs, and meeting great people/making an impact/expanding my horizons…all over the world.

….after my cooking triple-header yesterday, I would have to join the first two categories in creating beautiful and tasty things and add a housekeeper/onion chopper. I love to cook and bake, but I just don’t enjoy cleaning much anymore and HATE chopping onions. Talk about Tears ‘R’ Us.