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Refocusing Through The Camera Lens

Posted in Photography on 2010/11/13 by curiouslywandering

Some days throw interesting surprises at you that you aren’t ready for. I had one of these days today, with multiple surprises for me to enjoy. One of the things that I find soothing is taking pictures. It helps me slow down, pay attention to what is in front of me, and appreciate the beauty all around. All the drama and emotions seem to fall in line and calmness comes in when I look at the world through my camera lens. Whether or not you take pictures, I find it to be a good analogy for life in general. Sometimes you have to step away from it all and get your mind into a soothing task. For you it may be baking or fishing. Whatever it is, when the world goes wacky or starts to spin all around you, it helps to refocus and appreciate the simple goodness and beauty of life.