A New Day

Welcome 1-1-11. It is “resolution time” for those who haven’t made any yet. So many people set such huge, daunting goals at this time of the year, because we have a fresh new year to do things better. The thing is….in reality, it is just a new calendar year. We are the same people who went to bed yesterday. We have the same dreams and foibles that we had yesterday. The miracle of a new year is it does give us a new slate, in a sense. However, it doesn’t wipe away our past, put us on a brand new path, or give us a shiny new life today. On rare occasions, a radical and completely new direction from a dramatic change happens. It is the exception not the rule. A fresh start isn’t always the answer. Fresh starts don’t allow us to room to grow, they just add-on in a different direction. What is behind us is still there, we just don’t see it as clearly or closely when we start over. They are wonderful things sometimes, but they also hold challenges of their own. The reality of truly leaving something, someplace, someone behind is far more overwhelming than the fairy tale suggests. After all, it isn’t ever all bad or all good. More often than not, what we need is a new day and a fresh perspective. That is the gift of today and every day. Every day we wake up we get a chance to do things better and make better choices. We get to look at life with a new perspective and give it a new approach. That is the real miracle. It isn’t that our circumstances change but that we change and grow. So here’s to a new day and a new year. May we make the most of them and ourselves that is possible.


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