The Crazy Pot

Our minds are like gIant black “witches’ brew” pots. Things can look all pretty, shiny, and smooth on the service. When you stir things up however, you get to see everything that lurks underneath. Someone stirred my pot again this week. It has been awhile, and I was surprised by all kinds of crazy popped up. Specifically for the purpose of this post…the crazy that showed in my dreams. I am not one of those people who dream often or remember them well or for long. I have experienced part of this dream previously. It has provided one gigantic clue about what I am not seeing and dealing with within me. I guess in the end having my pot stirred has revealed some things I need to deal with…truly emotionally disturbing, train wreck side swapping thing. I have to be grateful for the revelation despite the fact that it was freaky and bad choice of days. In the end though, the “pot stirrers” are a blessing. Without them,we wouldn’t know what kind of crazy lurked within our own surface and was holding us back.


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