From Destruction Comes Renewal

I got to thinking after reading Moxie Therapy’s post on FB today…

“Good morning my lovelies! Here comes the sun! From the solitary moment of darkness and hollow emptiness, awakening begins.”

Take a going out of business sale. It can be a time of great sadness and depression, or it can be a freeing time. Casting off the old, whether good or bad, opens us to taking new risks and reaching for things beyond our reasoning and imagination. It opens new doors to possibilities and talents we didn’t know existed. Sometimes, hollowing out shows us the strength we didn’t know we had. For all I would miss, I often wonder if a loss of everything I have wouldn’t feel even a tiny bit uplifting.  This makes me think of a line from the movie Dune – “Every revolution carries within it the seeds of its own destruction.” From destruction comes renewal. The volcano spews out ash which wipes out all life it touches. Given some time though, life begins anew and eventually volcanic dirt provides a wonderfully nurturing environment for plant life.


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