That Magic Moment

There are moments in life…”those” moments. The times when all the ducks line up in a row for a magical little surprise. The crescendo we have been dreaming of and anticipating that finally arrives. Emotions are wound, expectations are high, nerves are jittery, butterflies dancing in stomachs, feet and hands are itchy. Our eyes, minds, hearts, our entire beings fixed on that little point glowing ball waiting for it to explode into light…and when it explodes all is right for the world, if even for one millisecond. OR It doesn’t. The inevitable disappointment tinged (or coated) with sadness and heartbreak ensue. The thing I am pondering is…is all lost at that moment? So the world wasn’t covered with magical fairy dust that made us feel like we could fly. Is that opportunity lost or tainted or do we simply have to work a little harder and a little longer to get back to that good spot.

Everyone we meet has a role to play. Sometimes we are only meant to meet for a short period, others for life. Those relationships with unrealized potential are a conundrum. Maybe with a little work sparks could fly…or do we (choose to) simply move on? The moment passed. The magic faded. The relationship has been altered, the mark has been passed, and the situation is changed irrevocably.  The idealist in me wants to believe we can fix it and explore the lost path. The realist who has experience and has watched tells me that most of the time, we move on by choice or demand. That all you can do is deal with the sadness and take what you have available. It makes me sad though to think of such times and the inevitability.

What are your thoughts?


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