Change is a’comin’

Fall is here and winter is rapidly approaching. The holidays are looming in the minds of people and on the shelves of stores. The cold has firmly settled into the darkness. Usually I love this time of year – the cool, crisp air, the warm comforting food, fuzzy sweaters, and the anticipation of celebrations with family and friends. This year I am not there yet. My heart isn’t ready for the change yet. I miss the sun and warm breezes still. I am reluctant to welcome the cool evenings and all they bring. I have a feeling this is going to be a long hard, winter this year, and that my life just might follow suit for a while. The good thing that the cold and the darkness bring is change. Things are always changing and adjusting. We just don’t always feel the effects. To welcome change means to welcome pain. The two travel in a pair. Change always brings joy, but only allows us to feel it when we allow pain to work its therapeutic healing. The night is long, dark, cold, and lonely. It is always darkest and coldest just before dawn. Joy comes in the morning. We just have to keep our eyes forward and our feet moving, working towards the light.


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